External Portal

The Portal enables internal or external users and partners to view and send data independently. It allows users to communicate with the company without having an account for the Infinity ECM platform. This 'super' portal contains six whole portals: Service Desk Portal, Data Protection Portal, Asset Portal, Project Portal, Human Resources Portal and Contracts Portal. While these portals don't offer some advanced options as Infinity ECM Subsystems of the same name, they cover the same basic functionalities, but can be accesed by employees, contractors, partners, clients (legal and natural persons), associates, suppliers, or any other you authorize, without requiring an authorized Infinity ECM account.

Service Desk Portal

The service desk portal is a solution for the overall management of requests, incidents, problems, and requests for changes from internal and external users. It covers the same basic functionalities as the Service desk modul of Infinity ECM, and can be accesed by employees, contractors, partners, clients (legal and natural persons), associates, suppliers, or any other user you authorize, simultaneously and without limit on the number of users.

Data Protection Portal

This portal is a comprehensive, simple and modern Data protection solution that helps your company or organization continuously monitor and ensure complete compliance with the your local Data Protection laws and regulations. This portal significantly eases the management of personal data, as well as offers options to each individual user which data will be processed, how, and where. Users can give and recede consents.

Human Resources Portal

This portal offers employees a comprehensive insight into their own data, keeps them in the loop about current internal events and goings-on, and ensures their efficiency and satisfaction. They can access stored efficiency reviews, view their basic information, skills and knowledge, any education or additional training they are attending, and so on. Any employee may also put in a request for vacation or sick-leave, and will be notified through the system when and if it is aproved.

Projects Portal

This portal enables your employees to see all project-related tasks assigned to them or their team, lets them post relevant updates on the current project, and allows for an easier project management experience for you. On this portal, each employee will only have access to documents and information related to the project they are working on, and only those that they have been given access to. Each user can post updates on the project phases, their own tasks r team tasks, and can instantly receive any new task that is assigned to them through the system or through Infinity ECM.

Assets Portal

Allow your employees a comprehensive insight into all of the assets they are in charge of, or that are related to their current tasks and projects. Choose which authorizations you will provide to your employees, and inform them of any actions or tasks related to assets they are in charge of. Each employee can easily access relevant information about any material or immaterial assets assigned to them (software product keys, company devices' waranties, company vehicles' registration and insurance information, etc.).

Contracts Portal

This portal enables any user to access general information about public company-related contracts, any internal or external contracts they have signed with or on behalf of the company or its associates, contracts they are authorized to see and manage, as well as any contracts and related documents that they are in charge of carrying through on behalf of the company. Each user will be instantly notified whenever there is a change or update regarding any of the contracts they have access to via the portal site.