Human Resources

Behind the production of every product or service there is a human mind, effort and man hours. An important part of any collective is human resources. Human resources, knowledge, abilities, skills and competencies are the key factors of successful business and operation of any company, organization or institution. This is a personal management system for recruiting, selecting, inducting employees, imparting training and development, appraising the performance of employees, deciding compensation and providing benefits etc.

Employee Management

Personnel selection is done on the basis of elaborated specific methods and techniques. Increase visibility, a quick search of all parameters for orderly frame management. Have the ability to create, lead and connect all employees.

Travel orders and Intercity ride costs

The module enables clear and complete records and planning of Travel orders and Intercity ride costs. Records of all expenses arising from business trips and the possibility of printing in a standard form.


    Manage employee and organization certificates. The module enables creating and overview of the certificate phase, its duration and technology.

    Time offs

    The module provides extremely clear and complete records in the absence of all employees. Create or access to each Time off for an individual employee. Possibility of approving the time off and linking all Time offs of the employee to his profile.