Marketing as a term that represents the planning process and the implementation of price, promotion and distribution concepts in favour of an individual and organization can be very complex. If your team is struggling with problems of measurement, collaboration and automation, we can help. We will help you generate more potential customers and introduce them to your service.

Campaign Management

Create and implement marketing campaigns individually, quickly and easily. With our solution, the user can include the management of marketing campaigns with budgeting, monitoring all of the costs per marketing campaign. In addition, the ability to collaborate and process leads and contacts significantly simplifies visibility and control. As part of the subsystem, there is the possibility of producing marketing reports.

Marketing campaign profile

The marketing campaign profile provides a detailed insight into the data for each campaign. In one place, an overview of planned and realized costs is available. Mass-mailing of e-mail, SMS and fax messages is enabled. Accelerate the process of mass mailing with a list of the data subject with valid consents. The ability to add contacts and leads separately or through the created distribution list.

Mass mailing

The ability to send messages massively makes tremendous savings of time and nerves. Mass mailings, SMS and faxes. The possibility of telemarketing and follow-up functionality with integration with 3CX digital VoIP Telefon system. Then, the user can manage distribution lists for group sending of e-mails, SMS and faxes, and can also create templates for sending.


The user can also enable integration with external systems. InfoBip intended for SMS, MailJet intended for email, PopFax intended for fax and 3CX intended for telemarketing.