Sales activities

The sale is an extremely important business function because successful sales management ensures good turnover of products and services and total business profit. Sales planning includes developing a strategy, setting sales targets, managing demand and preparing a sales plan. This tool in one place combines and provides insight into all the essential components of sales activities.

Sales Activities Management

The sales activity system includes the management of pre-sales activities, retrieval and management with proposed qualified sales and marketing opportunities, and creating and tracking sales opportunities through the sales process with all relevant sales data. Keeping track of sales activities through the steps of negotiating takes an insight into easier management, planning and conclusion.

Sales tasks and events

The Sales Activity Module provides a comprehensive and complete record of all sales tasks and events. With this solution, you can have a simple and cost-effective solution and never fail to control tasks or events attendance.

Sales Pipeline

Apart from the basic elements, the tool also displays a sales pipeline. This is a detailed record of all sales activities that have been concluded or are currently underway or are planned to be done. In creating or reviewing sales tasks, everything is very effective. Business is additionally facilitated by interactive structured collaboration and kanban sales view (drag-and-drop functionality).

Templates and reports

The ability to create offers from word templates with linked to the catalog of goods and services saves time, and creating self-report from table overviews is the basis of sales process management.