Using Cloud Services, we consider using IT services over the Internet.
The user has platform access at anytime and anywhere as long as he has an Internet connection. The structure used to provide services is contained in data centers. Centers have much better security than the one you might be able to afford (flood and fire protection, data backup, uninterrupted operation).

The advantage of using Cloud Services is that there is no initial financial investment in your own software and hardware and you do not have to worry about maintenance.

The Infinity ECM Cloud infrastructure is at Microsoft Azure, protected and in compliance with GDPR.
The system has a plugin management architecture where you can quickly develop a new plug-in to support work with various external systems (Infobip SMS, MailJet e-mail, Google Drive Documentation Storage, etc.).

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that runs countless services and among others:

  • Infrastructure Services (Windows and Linux Virtual Server, Data Storage, Backup, Recovery)
  • Development and hosting applications (Web sites, apps, mobile apps)

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